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Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings are held monthly. Check our Facebook page for general membership meetings.

Current Board Members

Julie Ben-Achour, President
Gordon Harris, Vice-President
Joan Burkgren, Treasurer
Jane Fragola, Secretary
Sue Bennett, Director

News and Upcoming Events


for the latest news on upcoming meetings and trail events.

4th of July 5K Run Cancelled (May 2020)

The Great Falls Trailblazers after careful consideration and much regret have decided to cancel their 4th of July 5K run this year, due to the coronavirus and our concern for the well being and safety of our runners and all involved. I know this is disappointing news but we hope to see you all next year with lots of smiles and enthusiasm for our fun run.

We ask that runners do not run the course on their own, as much of the trail is on private property. The owners give Trailblazers permission once a year for our event that lasts an hour or so. In addition when sponsored by Trailblazers there is insurance that would cover any mishaps and First Responders who are on hand to deal with any emergency. None of these conditions would be in place this year.

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New Asphalt Trail Completed Along Georgetown Pike in Great Falls (October 2019)

Trailblazers are delighted at the completion of this segment of the trail along Georgetown Pike and would like to thank Jane Edmondson and her team with the backing of Supervisor John Foust for all their support and hard work in making this happen.

The County recently completed construction on new asphalt trail along Georgetown Pike in Great Falls from Falls Chase Court, where it connects to existing trail, to Seneca Road. This new trail is part of a larger effort to improve pedestrian access throughout Great Falls and to connect the broader community to the Village Centre. Staying consistent with the scenic and historic nature of Great Falls, the trail meanders along the Pike, which ensured that trees were preserved, impacts to neighboring properties were limited, and users have a pleasant experience.

photo of 2019 completed trail work photo of 2019 completed trail work photo of 2019 completed trail work

Georgetown Pike Trail Work (September 2019)

Great news! The trail segment at Falls Bridge has been completed and looks great. After years of planning, grant writing, working with the county and the citizens association we celebrate the completion of this segment. This now gives us a continuous trail from Falls Bridge to Utterback Rd. along Georgetown Pike.

The last segment of this stretch from Falls Bridge to Seneca is seriously underway with major construction happening now.

Our goal is a continuous trail along Georgetown Pike between Seneca and the village. Many segments are already walkable but we will continue working to achieve our goal. If you would like to join our Trailblazers Group drop us a line at

photo of 2019 trail work photo of 2019 trail work photo of 2019 trail work

5K Fun Run

Each year the Trailblazers sponsor a 5K Fun Run/Walk on the 4th of July. Join in the fun next year!

photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run
photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run photo of 2018 Trail Blazers July 4 5K run

What You May Have Missed

At our General Meeting held in February 2018 we introduced our new board:

  • President: Julie BenAchour
  • Vice President: Gordon Harris
  • Treasurer: Joan Burkgren
  • Secretary: Jane Fragola
  • Director: Sue Bennett

We reviewed our activities including our annual July 4th 5K walk/run, trail maintenance activities, negotiations with the developers of Brooks Farm, Brookville Estates and Pots and Plants on the Pike for trail installations, distributed copies of steps to take to establish a property easement and Virginia landowner liability and worked with the County and Great Falls Citizens Association on general trail matters.

Georgetown Pike Trail

We are happy to see the trail along Georgetown Pike advance in leaps and bounds with the help of the County and the Great Falls Citizens Association. Watch for more to come!

Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan

thumbnail image of Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan Map

The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan is a guide used for decision-making about the built and natural environment.

Top Trails for Baby Boomers

Living an active lifestyle can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life, which may explain why more and more people (especially baby boomers) are flocking to National and State Parks. Top Trails for Baby Boomers offers a curated list of popular trails arranged by state or region of the country.

A Guide to Hiking with Kids

We are fortunate to have so many great hiking opportunities in Great Falls suitable for all ages. If you have kids, here is a great resource to plan your outings:

Our thanks to the Quinn family for sharing this informative site.

Trail Etiquette

Many of our local trails are on private property. Help us keep these trails open for all to enjoy by following these guidelines.